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Plaids Cocooning Designer Faux Fur Luxurious Throw Wolf


Plaids Cocooning Designer Faux Fur Luxurious Throw Wolf

Product Details:

Are you looking for an aesthetically perfect throw with a velvet touch that will warm you up in all temperatures? The Sensation faux fur rug from the French brand Plaids Cocooning is made for you. It will sublimate your interior as well as your evenings.

A top-of-the-range faux fur throw

We can already imagine ourselves wrapped up inside, running our hands through its silky hair and its beautiful velvet faux fur material. The Sensation Cocooning plaid is a real invitation to laziness... but with class and delicacy. With a book in your hand and a latte not too far away, you can take refuge in this high weight fleece blanket and its two layers to face the winter chill.

A blanket or a design bed cover available in 2 colours.

If it warms up like no other, the Sensation Cocooning faux fur blanket also dresses with softness and voluptuousness a sofa, an armchair or even a bed for a trendy and warm interior. Take this large 150 x 200 cm throw with you from room to room, keep it close by, use it as much as you like, wash after wash it will remain very soft. Available in beige or grey, this blanket in natural colours will fit in wonderfully with your decor.
Do you want to store it or take it away? It is sold with a leatherette strap and its handle: for easy storage and space saving.

  • Composition: Polyester
  • Care Tips : Machine washable 30 °
  • Design: Plaids Cocooning
  • Dimensions in cms : 150 x 200
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